Best Blog For UPSC Preparation

Are you preparing for the UPSC exam? Are you looking for the best blog for UPSC preparation? So you are at the right place.

In this article, we will let you know about the best blog for UPSC preparation. This blog is speciallyfor UPSC aspirants.

Best Blog For UPSC Preparation

1.   IAS Exam portal

This IAS exam portal is the most popular for UPSC blogs. Its website is Through this website you can prepare for IAS, UPSC, PCS, IFS, CSAT and Civil exams. It has 3k followers and every week 30 new articles are posted on it.

2.   IAS baba

This website is also quite famous for its UPSC blog. Through this you can prepare daily current affairs for UPSC Prelims and Mains exam. You can find UPSC quiz related questions on this website.

This website has 3k followers and every week 14 new articles are posted on it. This website is run by Pioneer Institute and this institute also provides coaching for UPSC Civil Services Examination in Bengaluru and Delhi.

3.   InsightIAS

This is also a famous website for UPSC preparation. On this you get information about daily current affairs and many other questions. It has 13k followers and every week 10 new blogs are posted on it.

4.   Let’s crack UPSC CSE on YouTube

This is a YouTube channel where you get blogs related to UPSC preparation. He is one of the top educators of India. Through this channel you can prepare for UPSC CSE. It has 1K followers and every week 48 new articles are uploaded on this channel.

5.   Mrunal is a very good UPSC blog website to prepare for the UPSC exam. Through this, one can prepare well for competitive exams. It has 16k followers and about 10 articles are uploaded every month.

6.   Clear IAS

This is also a popular website for UPSC blogs in India. Through this you can prepare online for the Union Public Service Commission exam. ClearIAS also provides coaching for IAS and UPSC. It has around 1k followers and 10 articles are uploaded every week on it.

How to prepare for the UPSC?

Here we are going to share 14 tips with you to prepare for UPSC exams.

  1. You should start preparing at least 1 year before the Prelims exam.
  2. You should solve as many previous year question papers as possible.
  3. Once must go through the syllabus of both the Mains Exam and Prelims Exam.
  4. You should read the newspaper every day.
  5. Short notes of relevant articles should be prepared.
  6. Must read basic NCERT books.
  7. Should read the relevant books of UPSC syllabus available in the market.
  8. Make short notes online or offline of whatever you read.
  9. Set a goal for your everyday life and achieve it. Similarly, you should also set a goal for the long term and achieve it.
  10. If you take coaching then attend the class every day and revise the content taught there.
  11. You can also prepare yourself with the help of social media and the internet.
  12. You can give mock tests through test series available on the internet. This will let you know your weaknesses and strengths on which you can work better.
  13. Have a group discussion.
  14. Whatever you read, revise it once a week.

How to prepare for UPSC Interview?

Understand the interview format

  • UPSC Interview is taken to know your leadership quality, personality and analytical ability.
  • UPSC interview is not conducted to check your knowledge, because the interview panel has already seen your written exam score.
  • This interview is of 20 to 30 minutes, in which you are asked about your background, hobbies and your DAF.

Review your DAF tthoroughly

  • Prepare yourself for question answers as per your DAF and review it thoroughly.
  • DAF is a critical document which contains your educational background, hobbies, work experience and other information related to you.

Develop clear communication skills

  • Be confident and clear in your conversation.
  • Pay attention to your body language.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interview panel.
  • Be respectful and polite.

Current affair and general knowledge

  • Stay updated with current affairs.
  • Read magazines, read newspapers and watch news programs regularly.

Interview Etiquette

  • Dress in formal attire.
  • Be punctual.
  • Greet the interview panel politely and maintain an effective and positive attitude.
  • Stay calm and composed.

Prepare for common and optional subject knowledge

  • Be prepared to answer about your achievement, failure, weakness, strength and the reason for choosing UPSC.
  • Brush up your knowledge related to your optional subject, chosen by you.


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